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cajole / задобрить, умасливать, обхаживать
cajole, coax, wheedle
cajole, butter up, soft-soap
cajole, nurse, wheedle
flatter, cajole, adulate, toady, compliment, please
persuade someone to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery.
he hoped to cajole her into selling the house
Housing associations and the government use many misleading arguments to persuade and cajole council tenants into agreeing to stock transfers.
I will not plead, threaten, or cajole anyone into voting for me.
Elsewhere, it may be acceptable for shop assistants to flatter and cajole you into buying anything, irrespective of whether it suits you.
In contrast, I didn't have to cajole her to climb in the Caves, nor did I merely watch her.
The theater manager does not chide, warn or cajole us into good behavior.
Usually I can cajole him into cereal, toast or a banana, but this morning - nothing.
So buy my stuff and cajole your friends into mindless purchasing.
he hoped to cajole her into selling him her house
By appealing directly to a possible abductor to think about their own future beyond the next few hours to the days and weeks to come they hope to cajole him to redress what he has done.
he hoped to cajole her into selling the house