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cairo / Каир
имя существительное
имя существительное
the capital of Egypt, a port on the Nile River near the head of its delta; population 6,758,600 (est. 2006).
Almost all Cairene homes, I discover, are flats.
This implies that the linguistic behavior of Cairene women is less ‘conservative’ than men, a finding that corroborates findings of previous studies across the Arab world.
The non-classical standard, or urban Cairene , on the other hand, draws its dominance and prestige from its association with the social dialect of urban, upper class social groups.
I stayed with a middle-class Cairene family, comfortably off but not rich, whose daily life is a struggle against the heat, the dust, the noise, the traffic, and the lack of privacy.
Chapter two gives a detailed description of the methodology used in sampling the Cairene speech community.