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cairn / пирамида из камней
имя существительное
пирамида из камней
имя существительное
a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline.
Elation was to glimpse limp prayer flags and rough cairns with goat horns that marked the pass.
a small terrier of a breed with short legs, a longish body, and a shaggy coat.
If the German Shepherd and Doberman stood on top in their numbers, the breeds like the wire-haired fox terrier, smooth-haired fox terrier, cairn terrier and Rhodesian Ridgeback were all loners.
An entertaining tight-rope walk, especially where the ridge narrows considerably for its final few feet to the summit cairn .
The travellers and their guide came to the last ridge that rose between them and the summit, where they could see a tumbled cairn of stones.
Near the lake named for him in central Alberta, not far from the homestead where he raised his nine children, a stone cairn will honour his extraordinary life.
Nearby is the 350m Auchenlaich cairn - the longest megalithic burial cairn in Britain.
This path is indicated by a small cairn of stones.
Stacking large slabs on one another against a spine of uprights within a revetment wall, seems a very effective way to create an illusion of a well built and solid cairn .
After pottering around with compass in hand, I find the summit cairn and then get back off the mountain as quickly as possible, it's bloody cold up there.
The royal visitor's final duty was to lay the final stone to a cairn built outside the main entrance and to unveil a commemorative plaque.
a chambered cairn
A chambered burial cairn known as Maeshowe is also being examined for potential damage as part of the study.