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caipirinha / кайпиринья
имя существительное
a Brazilian cocktail made with cachaca, lime or lemon juice, sugar, and crushed ice.
And signature cocktails include tart blueberry caipirinhas resembling sesame-seed-flecked wheatgrass juice, knockout kiwi mojitos and watermelon lemonade.
Cocktails tend to belong to the school of bibulous invention margaritas are made with the melon liqueur Midori, lychees get into a martini, some sort of sake is used in a caipirinha .
You'll also stop at a cachaça factory, where the most potent ingredient of the lethal caipirinha , Brazil's national drink, is distilled.
The caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil and I kept being asked if I liked it.
I learned how to make a wild berry mojito, a caipirinha , a pisco sour and a watermelon margarita.
When you're done noshing, you can kick back in this setting on a wicker sofa with a sweet caipirinha on the rocks in hand.
After a couple of these we found our way next door to a huge, friendly queer club where they also conveniently served caipirinhas and played music and flashed lights and flashed smiles and spun and danced.
To anyone who has attended the event, he will be a familiar figure - he's the one with boundless positive energy and enthusiasm, serving caipirinhas and wrapped in the Brazilian flag.
And caipirinhas are less a cocktail, more a way of life.
Afternoons are spent taking a siesta in a hammock; sunsets are for sipping lethal caipirinhas .
Drinkers sit at thick wooden tables lit by soft orange lamps sipping a great selection of Martinis, margaritas and fruity Brazilian cocktails, all mixed by skilled and sexy bar staff who know their caipirinhas from their caiproskas.