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cagey / скрытный, хитрый, неразговорчивый
имя прилагательное
secretive, cagey, reserved, reticent, secret, close
cunning, tricky, sly, artful, crafty, cagey
taciturn, inconversable, unconversable, cagey, short-spoken
имя прилагательное
reluctant to give information owing to caution or suspicion.
manufacturers are cagey about the recipes they use to create a wine
So they are cagey about letting the common herd assess their work.
Gilbert was being very cagey about his future prospects yesterday.
Tassie is cagey about the worth of his license, but the 30 or so permits in his zone are worth more than $4 million each.
When I asked to meet him in person, his publicity people turned cagey , stoking my curiosity even more.
While some were cagey , to say the least, others had no such problems.
He is intent on making people look good but not necessarily beautiful in his work and achieves this by capturing secretive, edgy or cagey subjects.
The bird sellers are extremely cagey about sharing information, especially with press persons.
Suddenly, caution was the watchword and she grew cagey and defensive, waiting for the chances to land in her lap.
Though still cagey about the new novel's subject matter, he does say it will deal with terrorism and with a hostage crisis.
If the 25-year-old was less unassuming and more cagey , he would know that is not the sort of thing a team's talismanic striker is meant to say.