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cage / клетка, клеть, обойма
имя существительное
cell, cage, square, check, birdcage, pane
stand, cage
cage, holder, yoke, hoop, girdle, fork
сажать в клетку
encage, cage, mew, coop
заключать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, incarcerate, prison, cage, confine
имя существительное
a structure of bars or wires in which birds or other animals are confined.
she kept a canary in a cage
confine in or as in a cage.
the parrot screamed, furious at being caged
Angel and Lucius meet for an hour a day for exercise in a cage on the prison roof.
He looked around and saw that he was in a cell, a cage .
his cage of loneliness
He wants to cage suspects for up to 90 days without trial.
The heart of the stagecoach's chassis design is a strong cage that surrounds the passenger compartment and supports cargo on the roof.
At around 17:20, the victim undertook the last work for the day by loading a carrying cart into the cage of the elevator, pushing the button for the second floor and the elevator ascended to the second floor.
Once the game begins, he will watch a few innings, then go to an indoor cage .
Then, it's through the dugout, up a tunnel, down a hall and into an indoor cage .
In July he made a personal appeal to the community to help cage a pervert who subjected a mother of two to a horrifying sex attack, after a poor public response to an e-fit picture.
the bottle slots into a light cage on the bike's frame