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caesura / цезура
имя существительное
caesura, pause, rest, break
имя существительное
(in Greek and Latin verse) a break between words within a metrical foot.
The Greek caesura was always much more flexible than Horace's, and English tends to treat it as entirely movable.
His process introduces a caesura for contemplation between looking at an object and painting it; the result highlights the idiosyncrasy of painting.
Do you think there was anything similar to the Classical Latin caesura ?
The caesura forced by an oddly extraneous comma divides the line into question and condition and calls attention to the metaphysical question of how one's position affects one's knowledge.
Everything had changed, a caesura had opened in world history.
On this reading, the ‘death’ that separates written and writing selves is not a state the subject of autobiography moves toward; ‘death’ is the moment, a caesura within the subject.
Inside the caesura of such a brokenness he has built a home for human longing, its finitudes and its hunger for the beyond that both encloses and exposes it.
‘Glass facilitates faster communication between inside and outside, yet at the same time it sets up an invisible but material caesura which prevents such communication from becoming a real opening onto the world’ (Baudrillard).
He appears to be aping the Latin caesura without understanding its structural purpose.
Looking back, he regards 1968 as a caesura , a moment - rather like 1789 - when the history of previous decades had to be rewritten.
This stanza is typical of his middle free verse style; a varying caesura keeps the music graceful but slightly off-balance.