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cadre / кадр, кадровый состав, рамка
имя существительное
frame, shot, still, cadre
кадровый состав
frame, cadre
имя существительное
a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.
a small cadre of scientists
The program is designed to train a cadre of researchers to bridge the processes from scientific discovery through clinical development and regulatory review of new oncology products.
An excellent cadre of professional managers and strong entrepreneurial orientation has provided a significant competitive edge to the company.
The enormity of biological resources makes a case for raising a whole cadre of highly trained professionals for inventorisation, characterisation and documentation.
I scurried into the large hall filled with chairs at another cadre 's bark.
The concept of using the cadre to train the cohort soldiers worked well.
For Catholic activists, the cadre , if you will, this is a major problem, whatever position, prolife or prochoice, one takes.
It is only through the cadre that socialist politics and culture can be brought into the working class.
In a few short years, we could have a sizeable cadre of educated, professional, highly paid people.
The aim of the bursar programme is to develop a new cadre of professionals with the specialist skills needed to effectively manage school finances and resources and to bring a business dimension to schools' strategic planning.
It will also be necessary to train cadre for the purpose.