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cadence / каденция, ритм, модуляция
имя существительное
cadence, cadenza, cadency, close
rhythm, beat, tempo, cadence, pulse, swing
modulation, inflexion, cadence, inflection, control, tone
мерный шаг
cadence, cadency
движение в ногу
cadence, cadency
имя существительное
a modulation or inflection of the voice.
the measured cadences that he employed in the Senate
a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.
the final cadences of the Prelude
During the test, the rider can change gear, and vary their cadence to suit the effort required.
But due to the brevity of the arrangements, within a few bars the music takes a sharp and often abrupt turn to the final cadence in ways that are disruptive to a listener or a pianist familiar with the original themes.
It's common for offensive tackles to time the quarterback's cadence with the snap so they quickly can get into their protection stances.
As the wind kicked up, the plates and lids began rattling against the stone, beating out a mournful, otherworldly cadence .
She was now familiar with his mannerisms such as the way he drawled in that deep voice, the cadence of his speech.
The poems acknowledge semi-articulate intimacies, their interrupted cadence , a shrewd tenderness, a tang.
Self-carriage, cadence , rhythm, and hock engagement at all three gaits with the same speed and frame were the standards on which to judge.
All of which is to say that he has arrived at something of senior statesman status in the field (which is not to sound the cadence of either his retirement or his demise).
The rhythmic cadence of the poetry was not the iambic pentameter or other such metrical patterns but free verse with words scattered randomly across the printed page.
Carl is also very sensitive to the syllabic pulse of a poem, and writes in a subtle music that correlates meaning with cadence .