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caddy / чайница
имя существительное
tea caddy, caddy
имя существительное
a person who carries a golfer's clubs and provides other assistance during a match.
In French the word cadet is pronounced ‘ca-day’ but in English the golfer's assistant became a caddie .
a small storage container, typically one with divisions.
a tool caddy
work as a caddie.
No job in sports gets you closer to the action than caddying on the PGA Tour.
Built with special stain guard technology, the indoor gnome also serves as a drink and snack caddy .
Perfect for transporting tools and supplies to classes, the tool caddy will sit on the floor next to your workspace and provide easy access to everything you need.
All householders will receive a full information pack on this service and this will be placed inside each bin (or kitchen caddy inside each bin).
I'm glad I did as for £37 I found a hard drive caddy , that would enable me to connect it to my computer via USB 2, which means that all my personal and business data has been saved.
The keyboard caddy is a little shelf that holds your typeulating device; it pulls out on little metal wheels.
a tool caddy
The tool caddy has 16 pockets of various sizes for organization.
We hadn't even spotted the timetable lurking in the brown indoor food caddy : the third new bin.
Start with a low, boxy vessel, such as this antique wooden tool caddy or a new silverware caddy from an import store.
She kept the pilfered photo inside one of the slots with her church shoes in the vinyl shoe caddy hung on the inside of her closet door, and would look at it whenever she remembered it was there.