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cadaverous / трупный, смертельно бледный, страшный как мертвец
имя прилагательное
cadaveric, cadaverous
смертельно бледный
страшный как мертвец
имя прилагательное
resembling a corpse in being very pale, thin, or bony.
he had a cadaverous appearance
When you're about 60, the penalty for remaining rockstar-thin is a cadaverous face and hollow cheeks.
A lone cadaverous figure standing near a nervous blindfolded donkey was seen centered in the destroyed fields.
You understand why he looked cadaverous long before April 3, 2000, when an assassin cut him down.
When she looked at him again, her face was cadaverous .
Six foot tall, slim and with a deceptive unassuming air, his blond hair and cadaverous cheek bones say rampant sex drive packaged as boy next door.
I now have new images whenever I see a cadaverous academic.
But a cadaverous light does suffuse her brushy work.
She is skeletally thin, with hollow, cadaverous eyes and cheeks.
Here too, there was an urgent and primal need to manage the dark, yet in our night, tonight, the quiet darkness outside is replaced by a frantic and cadaverous light, and an overheated, yet archaic buzz.
Next to my large and robust American seat mates, I must have looked positively cadaverous .