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cad / хам, невежа, грубиян
имя существительное
cad, lout, twerp, tyke, mucker, tike
curmudgeon, cad, churl, twerp, rough, chuff
имя существительное
a man who behaves dishonorably, especially toward a woman.
her adulterous cad of a husband
computer-aided design.
He knew, deeply, that in keeping his true identity from her, he had been a cad and a scoundrel, but he had been so eager for her to see him in a positive light.
He, true to form, behaves like a cad and leaves her for the gambling tables and his deserved fate.
Though a nice boy, he acts like a cad when he next meets her.
In short, Diplomacy is not a nice game; to win, it is necessary to behave like a complete cad .
her adulterous cad of a husband
He was a cad and a bounder, but not without charm.
her adulterous cad of a husband
For example, I think stable means unchanging or changing slowly, and decent means not a cad or a bounder.
From the novels she appears to be the sort of woman who appreciates gentlemanly behaviour, but then she also seems to like cads .
Although it's usually the men in his tales who do the betraying (another poem begins, ‘There are no traitors among women’), he seldom chides them for infidelity or caddishness .