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cactus / кактус
[ˈkæk.taɪ ]
имя существительное
cactus, peyote
имя существительное
a succulent plant with a thick, fleshy stem that typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and has brilliantly colored flowers. Cacti are native to arid regions of the New World and are cultivated elsewhere, especially as houseplants.
We are rich with saguaros, prickly pear, and cholla cacti , and paloverde, and mesquite trees.
They resembled a cross between a cactus and an aloe vera plant; thick and fleshy, with hairs extruding from their tendrils.
It looked somehow like the surface of a cactus, the peyote cactus .
Second, the cactus and acacia trees may have dissimilar distributions of branch length.
The boyfriend bought a big cactus yesterday to add in with the banana plants etc.
He finally got his cactus home, planted it in his backyard, and over time it grew to about two metres.
Orchid, African violet and cactus are just a few of the special mixes available.
Aloe vera resembles a cactus , but is actually a perennial succulent which belongs to the lily family.
It has been isolated from soils in desert areas, grassland or cultivated soils, cacti , onion, and garlic bulbs.
It has several gnarled trees, cactuses , oleanders, a crazy arrangement of pot plants, various graveside paraphernalia such as urns and framed photographs, and a rickety set of narrow pathways.
Good weather is also an essential pre-requisite for the growth of cacti and succulent plants.