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cachet / печать, облатка, отличительный знак
имя существительное
printing, print, seal, stamp, press, cachet
wafer, cachet, capsule
отличительный знак
distinctive mark, cachet, cognizance
imprint, print, mark, stamp, impression, cachet
капсула из крахмала
имя существительное
the state of being respected or admired; prestige.
no other shipping company had quite the cachet of Cunard
a distinguishing mark or seal.
The historian's pose dissociates the author from all the observations he lets fall save those sealed with a personal cachet .
a flat capsule enclosing a dose of unpleasant-tasting medicine.
Once he had to prepare a sedative cachet for an obstreperous lion; fortunately he did not have to administer it.
He continued: ‘The whole idea of good quality French produce has immense international cachet .’
Rather, they adopt the theories because in certain circles those theories have a certain fashionable cachet , as signs of deep and power-structure-subversive understanding.
I thought I would have some cachet as the lifesaver in the group but learned otherwise when the host said, ‘Hi, nice to meet you.’
This new temporary party could be called the GDP - The Green Democratic Party - paying homage to the two parties that need to spearhead this drive, as well as providing a brand name with great cachet .
no other shipping company had quite the cachet of Cunard
no other shipping company had quite the cachet of Cunard
Scientists carry great cachet in Western political and social debate precisely because they have traditionally been viewed as outside of politics.
And of course, as Indian food continues to gain in cachet you will also see many chefs who have graduated from American culinary institutes getting the star power-mantle of a celebrity chef.
The latter are so unconcerned they barely market, or even edit, and as a result have so little money or cachet that they attract only the dull-witted (or the clever between gigs) to put ink on paper.
I think I have enough cachet , if I don't squander it, where I can keep working.