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cabriolet / кабриолет, автомобиль, таратайка
имя существительное
cabriolet, gig, buggy
car, vehicle, automobile, auto, motor car, cabriolet
имя существительное
a car with a roof that folds down.
Taking only a minimum of effort to change guises, it can be transformed from a three-door hatchback to a small sedan with an open roof, a cabriolet , a sporty spider or even a pickup.
a light, two-wheeled carriage with a hood, drawn by one horse.
Different kinds of carriages, coaches, cabriolets , caroches, and carryalls were parked in rows, some of them currently being worked on by a dozen or so employees.
A true horse drawn cabriolet is not a terribly uncommon sight in areas with large horse populations, as the carriage handles well, looks elegant, and is suitable for a wide range of weather conditions.
Finally, I decided I'd trade in the cabriolet and invest in another secondhand car.
It is for any manufacturer who produces a cabriolet a niche product.
As rain lashed across the street, he watched a neighbour struggling to close the roof of his cabriolet .
An increase in body rigidity of 112 per cent compared with the outgoing cabriolet will also bring benefits both dynamically and in terms of safety.
If a 4-seat cabriolet is a little too big or a V - 8 not enough power, don't fret.
However, turning the car into a cabriolet , spider or pick-up does takes some time and effort.
Gerry drove away with his own cabriolet - this was the best way for him to sort out his thoughts.
With no beams or bars to disrupt the view, as there would be in a normal cabriolet or roadster, it's a bit like sitting in the cockpit of a glider.
It does mean, nevertheless, that a cabriolet must first and foremost work as a regular hard top car for it to be worth buying.