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cable / кабель, трос, канат
имя существительное
cable, rope, hawser, tow, guy
rope, cable, sling, hawser
имя прилагательное
cable, rope, funicular
wire, telegraph, cable, message
закреплять канатом
привязывать тросом
имя существительное
a thick rope of wire or nonmetallic fiber, typically used for construction, mooring ships, and towing vehicles.
And they are tampering with the mooring ropes and cables of many of the craft to gain access to their decks.
an insulated wire or wires having a protective casing and used for transmitting electricity or telecommunication signals.
an underground cable
contact or send a message to (someone) by cablegram.
Patrick had slipped next door and got their groom to cable him with an urgent message to pick Master Adam up at the station as he was returning earlier than planned.
provide (an area or community) with power lines or with the equipment necessary for cable television.
The service is only available in cabled areas in Kilkenny, Clonmel, and Thurles.
decorate (a structure) with rope-shaped moldings.
It had been two weeks and Cameron had been able to cable his family when he'd made port to tell them that he was fine.
And the numbers for liberals watching cable are quite low - it's less than 20 percent.
One was an explosive conical float, which severed the sweep wire before it reached the mine's mooring cable ; another used static cutters to perform the same task.
And after three or four days I sent a cable to Athens that I wouldn't be able to speak at the University of Athens.
I told Cam I would cable him from the ship to let him know when it arrived.
The TV is on at my sister's house and she has no cable so we watch network stuff.
I wish to cable an urgent telegram to the President.
They were in the dining room watching some movie on cable .
Speaking of TV, when are you coming here to watch cable ?
The plaintiffs manufactured stainless steel alloys at a factory which was directly supplied with electricity by a cable from a power station.