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cabinet / кабинет, шкаф, корпус
имя существительное
cabinet, parlor, parlour
cabinet, cupboard, locker
body, housing, corps, case, hull, cabinet
имя прилагательное
governmental, cabinet, ministerial, federal
ministerial, cabinet
имя существительное
a cupboard with drawers or shelves for storing or displaying articles.
a medicine cabinet
(in the US) a body of advisers to the president, composed of the heads of the executive departments of the government.
a cabinet meeting
a small private room.
In square footage they equal nearly half the area of the bedroom, cabinet , and book room.
The performance of the cabinet and the parliamentary party would tend to support that view.
a cocktail cabinet
Executive power is vested in a cabinet headed by a president who is head of state and commander in chief.
The loudspeaker resembled a 30s valve radio in that it had a large speaker grille and a wooden cabinet and seemed to have been created for the schools market.
The president continues restocking his cabinet .
the new cabinet was appointed
At the bottom of the stairs there was a cabinet with a cupboard underneath and a mirror on top of it.
The Republicans also discussed giving federal financial support to the Texas and Pacific railroad and appointing some Democrats to the cabinet .
At this stage, the draft bill for the commercialisation of the directorate of civil aviation is with the cabinet committee on draft legislation.
Following are a few books that will prove invaluable to presidents and cabinet level advisors who want to make the Madisonian policymaking processes work.