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cabin / кабина, салон, каюта
имя существительное
cabin, booth, cage, cope
salon, cabin
cabin, berth
put, place, position, insert, set, cabin
жить в хижине
nestle, cabin
имя существительное
a private room or compartment on a ship.
The options are these: If you definitely want to be alone in a single cabin, first look for a ship that has single cabins .
a small shelter or house, made of wood and situated in a wild or remote area.
But mostly shelter is house or cabin or tent - a wall between us and the other of the land around us.
confine in a small place.
They have allowed these anti-Victorians to be cabined in Victorian stereotypes.
Such attire is all right in its place, but not in the cramped, claustrophobic conditions of an aircraft cabin .
My daughter liked to pod them each night at the wooden table in our cabin .
At the time, one could carry one's reed knife inside one's oboe case into the cabin of the aircraft.
Being born is like being tossed out of the luxurious first class cabin of a cruising aircraft.
Written almost entirely on the back porch of a remote cabin , the laid-back organic nature of the record is no surprise.
This might explain why someone working in a nightclub or aircraft cabin could be at a higher risk of catching the disease.
All passengers, regardless of their risk, should move around in their seats and in the aircraft cabin as much as possible during the journey.
But mostly shelter is house or cabin or tent - a wall between us and the other of the land around us.
The heating and ventilating system served the pilots' compartment as well as the passenger cabin .
Could you not get a cheap flight to somewhere beachy, take off your shoes, find a wooden cabin and a man to cook you curry, for a fraction of the cost?