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cabbage / капуста, кочанная капуста, шпаргалка
имя существительное
cabbage, cauliflower, cole, green
кочанная капуста
crib, cabbage, trot, cab, pony
имя прилагательное
завиваться кочаном
утаивать обрезки материи
steal, pilfer, thieve, mooch, plunder, cabbage
имя существительное
a cultivated plant eaten as a vegetable, having thick green or purple leaves surrounding a spherical heart or head of young leaves.
In the school's garden are giant tufts of spinach, green peppers and cabbages planted according to eco-friendly and sustainable permaculture principles.
While liver is the best source of vitamin A, excellent vegetable sources are carrots, cabbage and broccoli.
The vegetables, a mixture of bok choy, cabbage , broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, were fresh and delicious.
Vegetarian bangers with cabbage and onion clapshot will humble many a meat-eater, while the earthy sweet potato, coconut and lentil soup is as genial as an old friend's embrace.
This comes with fillings like chopped peas, carrots, beans, cabbage , onion, chilly, and all the garam masala ingredients.
I said I would not become a cabbage after my stroke
Vegetables like cabbage , Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and turnips may reduce the risk of cancerous tumors.
Particularly good trap crops include: green lettuce, cabbage , calendula, marigolds, comfrey leaves, zinnias and beans.
Vegetables to stock up on include broccoli, cabbage , Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale and cauliflower.
To include indirect antioxidants in your diet, eat daily servings of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage , and citrus fruits and drink green tea.
Colcannon is a dish made of potato and either wild garlic, cabbage or curly kale.