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cabaret / кабаре, кабачок, эстрадное выступление в кабаре
имя существительное
squash, vegetable marrow, marrow, cabaret, boozer, dive
эстрадное выступление в кабаре
имя существительное
entertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience eats or drinks at tables.
she was seen recently in cabaret
The event will include a champagne reception, a four-course dinner, two cabaret acts and two live bands.
A selection of acts from the leading lights of London's new alternative cabaret scene.
A friend in the trade has donated a carpet for the clubhouse and cabaret acts from Manchester have promised to appear.
However, their over-the-top rock cabaret works because the audience are hysterically complicit.
she was seen recently in cabaret
With all that going on, there's a well of stories and experiences for them to draw upon in this cabaret work.
The humour which made him a firm favourite with lounge and cabaret audiences never deserted him throughout his illness.
Comedy and cabaret also attract large audiences and appear to have a large talent pool.
The audience is invited to be part of the Cabaret with special on stage seating at cabaret tables.
a cabaret act