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cabal / интрига, группа заговорщиков, политическая клика
имя существительное
intrigue, plot, cabal, scheme, maneuver, machination
группа заговорщиков
политическая клика
вступать в заговор
intrigue, scheme, plot, machinate, cabal, trinket
имя существительное
a secret political clique or faction.
a cabal of dissidents
There is no possibility of a centralized cabal that could appoint people of only one political coloration.
But wait, Ross reveals another shocking secret of the capitalist cabal .
They all contend that the world is being secretly ruled by a shadowy cabal from inside a secret room.
It is a coerced transfer of income from consumers and foreign businesses to a small, politically active cabal of domestic businesses.
a cabal of dissidents
a cabal of dissidents
It means the secret cabal of conservative scholars see you as a threat to their comfortable ivory towers which they have built with taxpayers' money, and thus are trying to censor you.
They're not a secret cabal that runs things from the shadows or anything, but they are important opinion leaders who happen to be very influential.
But there is always a sense of foreboding on such occasions because of the secretive, mafia-like management by a cabal of political operators.
In fact, if drug reformers gain enough political power to threaten the drug-war cabal , an alliance between the two to repress youths is inevitable.