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cab / такси, кеб, извозчик
имя существительное
taxi, cab, taxicab, hack, hackney carriage, cabriolet
cab, cabriolet
cab, cabman, cabby, cabbie
ехать в такси
cab, take a cab, cab it
ехать на извозчике
пользоваться шпаргалкой
cab, cabbage, crib
имя существительное
a horse-drawn vehicle for public hire.
I longed for my parents to hire a horse-drawn cab instead of a taxi but that did not happen.
the driver's compartment in a truck, bus, or train.
Detectives are hunting a gang who dragged a sleeping lorry driver from his cab in Bury and took him on a ‘ride of terror’.
a cabinet containing a speaker or speakers for a guitar amplifier.
Besides the speaker in the cab is a fairly high quality one, while the little 8 incher is a farty little stock speaker.
travel in a taxi.
Roger cabbed home
Civil Aeronautics Board.
cab driver
Having had a perfectly lovely evening, we cab it back into town.
Keep in mind that in those days, to be in the cab of a working mainline steam engine had to be on a par with a ride in a jet fighter today.
He travelled in a driver's cab from London to Swindon and spent two days with Great North Eastern in Newcastle and York.
While no-one was injured, the lorry's cab and the car burst into flames and three fire engines were called to the scene.
The officer turned as the driver went about his business, looking for something in the glove compartments of the truck cab .
Then a blue van struck the front of the lorry as it was in the ditch, pushing two ladders, which were on board, into the driver's side of the lorry cab .
I much prefer to cab ; especially at night when you're all dressed up it feels so marvellously ritzy.
I have at least ten awful driver mistakes done in blatant fashion in front of me every day I cab .
In all his years he has only been off twice after suffering a double strangulated hernia when he slipped out of a lorry cab and then again for a ‘repair job.’