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c-section / поперечное сечение
имя существительное
поперечное сечение
section, transverse section, profile, transection, cross-section, C-section
имя существительное
a caesarean section.
The rate of uterine rupture for repeat cesarean deliveries without labor for women having a previous C-section was 1.6 per 1,000 women.
Women are undergoing C-sections at an unprecedented rate of 24 percent - increasingly without compelling medical reasons.
A C-section was performed with the delivery of a 6-pound boy.
The study authors found no significant difference between the percentage of women who required a hysterectomy: 0.2 percent in the labor group and 0.3 percent in the C-section group.
Team members have worked on developing efficient procedures and processes from the time a decision is made to perform a C-section on a laboring patient until they are prepared to begin surgery in the OR.
Although more data are needed, C-sections may actually reduce the incidence of perinatal infection.
With or without C-sections , the risk is pretty small.
And that doctor told us that if you didn't have any regard for the mother, the actual procedure of performing a C-section is relatively, in his terms, a relatively easy procedure to perform.
Unfortunately, you're staying in a hospital because you had an emergency C-section instead of the lovely home birth you had planned.
And according to the government study, 1.2 million C-sections are performed each year.
Also in a hospital acute care environment, outpatient surgeries can be delayed when surgeons or physicians are called on to deal with emergency situations such as C-sections or car wrecks.