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byword / поговорка, притча во языцех, олицетворение
имя существительное
saying, proverb, adage, byword, rede, gnome
притча во языцех
impersonation, personification, embodiment, epitome, incarnation, byword
symbol, character, letter, sign, emblem, byword
имя существительное
a person or thing cited as a notorious and outstanding example or embodiment of something.
his name became a byword for luxury
The car company, which lives on despite, and because of, becoming a byword for reliable plodding, was promoting a new range of electric vehicles to council delegates visiting the racecourse yesterday.
As Shakespeare notes, the place was ‘a byword for remoteness’.
He is a byword for dedication and once memorably warned a caddie that he opened up and closed the practice range, routinely whacking 500 balls in a day.
The most intriguing of the calls is the one said to have been made by the flight's most famous passenger whose ‘Let's roll!’ phrase became a byword for the victims' heroism and patriotism.
The company became a byword for excellence, developing a team-based corporate culture, but by the 1990s, the vast company had become weighed down by bureaucracy.
Phrases like ‘puppy farms’ with its connotation of cute and cuddly has changed into a byword for appalling dens of excruciating cruelty.
But, instead, the plucky teenager is an academic high-flier and the life and soul of his school, where his name is a byword for good natured generosity.
Scotland could become an international byword for backwardness, intolerance and prejudice if that's what its elected representatives want.
The American Revolutionary's 1748 remark stands as a byword for industrial capitalism's hurry-up ethic.
The term ‘cultural safety’ has become such a byword for political correctness that it is often dismissed out of hand.