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byre / коровник
имя существительное
cowshed, barn, byre
имя существительное
a cowshed.
They are put in the byres (cow sheds) for the winter period, and our byre is literally 2ft away from the back of the house.
Parts of the property date back to the 1770s, when it was a three-bedroom farmhouse with two reception rooms - a dining room and a sitting room - with a byre attached.
The concrete hut in a dip in the hills is like a cattle byre .
On the farm, smells tended to be pungent; dung being removed from the cow byre , stable, pig sty or poultry house, rated high in that league.
Joe made his way slowly to the barn and to the cattle byre where the milk cow stood in her stall, chomping at the hay.
On one side is the byre , where cattle were housed; the other half of the building is divided into two levels - a small living and eating area too low to stand up in; and above it a loft for sleeping in.
She's converted a local byre (an animal house) into a wee dwelling - a simple, one-room affair with a box bed and a raised hearth, and all the objects that she is using have been meticulously researched and sourced.
Our house was a byre which was first converted into a tearoom when the place was a children's farm park, and later became a cottage for the owner.
Some are simply dwellings, others are dwellings with a barn attached, still others have three components in the form of a central dwelling with a barn at one end and a byre at the other.
The harness was still hanging in the stables and the milking equipment was still in the byre .
A byre was added to the end of the original farmhouse, and an entrance in the gable was served by a narrow paved passage, through which animals would be funnelled one by one into the byre .