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bypass / обход, шунт, обводный канал
имя существительное
bypass, detour, round, beat, diversion, flanker
shunt, bypass, bridge, derivation
обводный канал
bypass, get round, skirt, evade, walk, sidestep
bypass, train, break in, gentle, rough, perambulate
имя существительное
a road passing around a town or its center to provide an alternative route for through traffic.
The opportunity of providing a town centre bypass along the former railway line to the east of the buildings in High Street has now disappeared.
go past or around.
bypass the farm and continue to the road
to bypass the rules
Three additional autopsies were performed on patients who had had their surgical bypass performed at other institutions.
Seven main Melbourne hospitals went on emergency bypass early this week, straining paramedics and risking patient lives, Victoria's ambulance union said.
The first sump had an easy bypass right next to it.
This would also bypass the problems of the long, heavy, rough double action trigger pull.
A pressure group is working with campaigners in Westbury to devise a new link road system for traffic to bypass the town.
The road links are a lot better now, but that tends to be more of a bypass than a road bringing things in.
It is a variation of the short tunnel option, which was extended to bypass the garden suburb of Haberfield.
He has also had a heart bypass , and an operation on his leg arteries for a condition that left him almost crippled.
A second bypass wasn't possible and his future looked bleak, not to mention short.