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byline / имя автора, подпись, побочная работа
имя существительное
имя автора
signature, sign, caption, subscription, John Hancock, sub
побочная работа
sideline, by-work, by-line
имя существительное
a line in a newspaper naming the writer of an article.
We also think today's newspaper requires more than bylines .
You will develop a flair for short, pithy phrases that will identify you as the writer, whether your byline is published or your story is magically morphed into a brief.
Those I know have given up trying to pay for me for such things, but they'll still offer to help place anything I produce, if not write the article for my byline .
Publish the link in an article byline or blog as soon as possible.
What does the byline on a newspaper story signify?
My ex-boyfriend had gotten his first byline in the newspaper of record with an essay about me, him and our shared past.
his byline appeared in the first issue
Please do not use this article without the byline and resource box.
And always try to include keywords in the headline and byline of your article.
The articles produced direct traffic to the site as well as numerous inbound links because of the link created in the article byline .
In the future I will read any article that has your name in its byline (if I bother to read it at all) with a very critical eye indeed!