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bygone / прошлое, пережитое, прошлые обиды
имя существительное
past, history, old, backward, bygone, antecedent
прошлые обиды
имя прилагательное
last, past, backward, bygone, onetime, overpast
имя существительное
a thing dating from an earlier time.
There was a full house for the April meeting at the WI Hall when a representative of the Cogges Farm Museum, Witney, talked about rural and domestic bygones .
имя прилагательное
belonging to an earlier time.
relics of a bygone society
It has lent its support to Keighley Bus Museum's search for a permanent site to house its collection of bygone buses.
The atmosphere of Strawberry Hill is one of gracious hospitality - again somehow it speaks of a bygone age.
It is one of the most stunning buildings in the Clyde Valley and clearly belongs to a bygone age of sumptuous extravagance.
I see something of several male friends from those bygone days and they too report that they never hear from their old girlfriends.
Now the houses of these bygone families have become a focus for visiting tourists and history buffs.
The Colonel is a self-fashioned sleuth who seems to belong to a bygone era.
So once again Europe was simply recalling the glories of the ancient bygone age on behalf of the natives.
He spoke about how certain people are heroes but they are all bygone .
They represent bygone ages and social changes that occurred round the world.
And is it really the business of government to prop up the ancient memorials of a bygone era?