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bye / прощание, прощальный привет, что-либо второстепенное
имя существительное
parting, farewell, goodbye, bye, leave, adieu
прощальный привет
что-либо второстепенное
имя существительное
the transfer of a competitor directly to the next round of a competition in the absence of an assigned opponent.
All 16 seeded players received byes into the second round.
one or more holes remaining unplayed after the match has been decided.
he has a bye into the second round
We would leave each other and say, see you later or catch up with you later, but it was never bye .
She flew up the stairs and stopped at the door, ‘Nice to meet - thanks for - have a nice evening, bye !’
She smacked my shoulder and I smiled, turned, grabbed my bag and said, ‘Well I gotta be off, bye !’
bye for now!
But, well, I've just finished my exams, so I wanted to say hi, and, well bye .
That's all the screen time I'm allowed, okay, bye !
He came to spend the weekend with us and we had a nice time; lots of drinks and dinosaurs (of the model variety) and a chance to say bye .
Your dad left an hour ago but he told me to tell you bye .
After he said bye , the news lady and I just absolutely lost it.