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by-election / дополнительные выборы, довыборы
имя существительное
дополнительные выборы
special election, by-election, off-year elections
имя существительное
an election to fill a vacancy arising during a term of office.
Remember, we fought a general election and two by-elections , and ended up reducing our overdraft.
This strikes me as an odd stance from a candidate hoping to win a by-election .
It is not known yet whether there will be a by-election or if the vacancy will stand until the town council elections in May.
If he won, the executive would have the option of holding a by-election to fill the seat.
More than that, for the first time in my recollection the party in power hasn't lost a single by-election .
The election in that constituency has been abandoned and a by-election will be held in a month's time.
You see it in by-elections and council elections.
People stayed away from the polls in their thousands during by-elections in two opposition-held constituencies in Zimbabwe.
Some analysts spoke about a second national election, others described the recent ballots as by-elections .
The party's electoral fortunes also revived in the state elections and by-elections .
The vacancies mean by-elections could take place if ten electors in the town contact the council in writing by October 25 saying that they want one.