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buzzy / баззи
имя прилагательное
(especially of a place or atmosphere) lively and exciting.
a buzzy bar with live music
I like dealing with buzzy , creative people, so intellectual property was the obvious thing.
Instead, mobile phone ads have focussed on the sexiness of the digital hardware and the buzzy lifestyles that supposedly come with it.
Over the course of the past 10 months or so, since the Hotel first opened its doors, it has become the spiritual home of buzzy , arty, decadent types - hotel residents and their guests, essentially.
At its no-frills Chelsea galleries, a far younger crowd milled around and chatted their way through a buzzy , successful sale that had Simon fast-talking - or should I say shouting?
New York was buzzy with parties.
You could imagine that she only exists within the most glittering, buzzy and opulent of surroundings.
On a Friday evening, it was warm, busy and buzzy and perhaps that's why the staff looked harassed.
Close to the university, this buzzy venue has two bars and over 50 different types of bottled beer.
This weekend was the Literature Festival that I mentioned earlier which seemed to be a buzzy affair.
They are looking for what's actually real and true rather than what's hot and buzzy right now.