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buzzer / зуммер, звонок, гудок
имя существительное
buzzer, hummer, ticker
bell, buzzer, jingle
beep, toot, horn, buzzer, hooter, hoot
имя существительное
an electrical device, similar to a bell, that makes a buzzing noise and is used for signaling.
The children learnt a lot of interesting things and were able to put their learning into practice as they busied themselves into putting electrical circuits together and making light bulbs glow and buzzers buzz!
It's time to go up to your front door, Mother, and ring the rattling buzzer of a bell, the door with two curved fangs.
So well in fact the buzzer was pushed and the cameras were switched off.
Billy noticed a red light above the office door with an electric buzzer to announce a vacancy.
An emergency-stop pushbutton can be used in conjunction with a buzzer to help improve safety in the workplace.
A minute or two later, the door buzzer was ringing at my door, I went and buzzed back.
Traffic wardens will be able to contact drivers causing an obstruction through a special buzzer on their van windscreens.
Trains have those horrible hand-operated electronic buzzers .
Many business people just could not afford armed security personnel, so many settled for cheap electronic buzzers .
I couldn't swear to it, what with scissors snipping and buzzers buzzing, but I think the young lad was asking his dad why you still needed a haircut when you were going bald.
We successfully used biofeedback devices (basically moisture sensors linked to buzzers to wake the children up when necessary) together with a rewards programme.