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buzzard / канюк, неудачно взятый кадр, глупец
имя существительное
неудачно взятый кадр
fool, imbecile, coot, blockhead, gander, buzzard
имя существительное
a large hawklike bird of prey with broad wings and a rounded tail, typically seen soaring in wide circles.
Among birds of prey, buzzards and hawks of the genus Buteo are an extremely successful group that is widely distributed, being absent only in Australia, Antarctica, and most parts of the oriental region.
In Scotland, gamekeepers blame the buzzard , a protected bird, for the deaths of thousands of partridges, pheasants, and waders such as curlews and plovers.
But the common buzzard , found across much of Europe and Asia, is a hawk, not a vulture.
The buzzard , soaring at a great height, suddenly finds itself caught up in a current of air against which it is impossible to battle.
The second tale was also to do with predators, and the present obsession with preserving every hawk and buzzard on the wing.
The common buzzard bears little resemblance to the vulture (not shown), which is a buzzard in nicknameonly.
I sat there, with the sun beating down on me, the wind whistling in my hair and the sound of a buzzard overhead looking for prey.
Raptors - particularly buzzards , sparrowhawks and peregrines - are in abundance in the Scottish countryside.
Its enemies, circling like bold buzzards , want to serve up our schools to the marketplace, where the point of reference is what maximizes profit rather than what benefits children.
Other birds include a huge American bald eagle called Liberty, buzzards , Harris hawks, vultures, laughing kookaburras and a pelican.
Her husband developed congestive heart failure and experienced frequent hallucinations while in the hospital, including an especially haunting mirage of buzzards circling above him.