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buyer / покупатель
имя существительное
buyer, customer, purchaser, shopper, bidder, acquirer
имя существительное
a person who makes a purchase.
No one knows who bought the cars, as none of the buyers wanted their purchase to be made public.
She was a retail buyer for 5 years before starting a family.
The move has been delayed yet again as our buyer has changed her buyer yet again.
At the time, he was a fashion buyer with no mountaineering experience - apart from a trip to some rocky Welsh countryside.
His father was an engineer turned salesman and his mother a retail buyer .
Prior to joining the company, she was a retail buyer for various department stores in the Midwest.
Builders recognise the first-time buyer as a valuable market and build accordingly.
The anonymous buyer apparently then consumed the contents of the bottle in one sitting.
For many manufacturers, the customer is regarded as the retail company's buyer .
A little hope is a powerful thing, especially to a first-time buyer in a hostile market.
If it doesn't get to profit soon, it will need to recapitalise, or find a trade buyer .