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buy-in / закупать, выкупать
purchase, buy in
redeem, bathe, ransom, buy out, buy in
имя существительное
a purchase of shares by a broker after a seller has failed to deliver similar shares, the original seller being charged any difference in cost.
The share buy-in will cost him around £30 million which will leave him around £100 million to fund the business.
a purchase of shares in a company by managers who are not employed by it.
The bank provided the finance for what ranked as the biggest management buy-in in the country last year.
the buying back by a company of its own shares.
The share buy-in has been financed partly out of the company's own cash resources and the balance by recourse to bank facilities provided by a syndicate of banks arranged by a bank in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.
agreement to support a decision.
the CEO got a buy-in from all his vice presidents to launch the new product
And you really need their buy-in , because it's a massive effort to standardize across all those sites.
At issue for the future is whether these factors - when set in the context of legal constraints, public support or opposition, and private school buy-in - are sufficient to tip the balance in favor of more programs.
And they are the only ones who can truly get the buy-in and participation of people in the organization as a whole.
there should be a moral buy-in from everyone in the organization
But in larger enterprises, getting buy-in from the decision-makers on a relatively new methodology may be the bigger challenge.
Another suggestion - and a very cooperative one, I felt - which could easily have got the buy-in of everybody in the industry, was an insurance programme.
A good leader has to encourage people to shoot holes in his/her ideas, but then turn around and obtain buy-in from those same people.
He reassured shareholders that an announcement of an initiative was likely in three to four weeks and hinted very strongly that it might be a buy-in of shares.
Finally, a popular means of extracting funds tax efficiently is by way of a company buy-in of its own shares.
By placing the customer at the centre and ensuring the buy-in from the team, Etosha has established an excellent reputation in the market.