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buttonhole / петля, петлица, бутоньерка
имя существительное
loop, hinge, noose, buttonhole, mesh, stitch
buttonhole, tab
boutonniere, buttonhole, buttonhole-flower
прометывать петли
overcast, buttonhole
имя существительное
a slit made in a garment to receive a button for fastening.
Details like workmanship, buttons, buttonholes , cuffs, and seams are usually good indicators of the item's quality and authenticity. where to find the goods
attract the attention of and detain (someone) in conversation, typically against his or her will.
Around the adjacent display of scientifically-valuable spinning tops and dinosaur models stood a man buttonholing people to get signatures on a petition to save the place.
make slits for receiving buttons in (a garment).
When the contacts on the presser foot ride over the markers, a circuit is completed and proper steps in the buttonholing sequence are initiated.
reporters buttonhole officials coming out of the press secretary's office
‘I know he has nothing to do with this,’ said Jamal Awadallah, who was wearing a red, white and blue Together We Stand buttonhole .
Another approach is to take a shirt that fits you perfectly and determine the distance between the middle of its collar button to the far end of the buttonhole .
Unlike the handsaw, which was refined over time, the button and its buttonhole simply appeared in northern Europe in the thirteenth century - true works of an anonymous inventive genius.
The campaign centres on the sale of silk buttonhole daffodils and bunches of fresh daffodils by over 5,000 volunteers countrywide.
Her hands easily slid the first large white buttons out of the buttonhole .
Attach a heavier than normal interfacing scrap (or two layers of interfacing) on the garment wrong side before constructing the buttonhole .
Just before slipping into the back seat of the car, gardener Tom would pick a flower for his boss' buttonhole .
Arrange the flowers in a cascade from the right front shoulder seam down the center front, working around the buttonhole .
The bride's choice of bouquet and the bridegroom's buttonhole are made from fresh flowers.