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buttery / маслянистый, масляный, льстивый
имя прилагательное
oily, buttery, oleaginous, unctuous, fat, emulsive
oil, oily, butyric, buttery
flattering, sycophantic, smarmy, wheedling, ingratiating, buttery
имя существительное
pantry, storeroom, larder, storehouse, buttery, stockroom
имя существительное
a pantry, or a room for storing wine and liquor.
Sibyl and the other ladies had begun to explore… she stepped beyond the main hall and buttery to the solar.
имя прилагательное
containing or tasting like butter.
layers of flaky buttery pastry
I knew it was a compliment about something that was buttery rich, deliciously opulent and lip-smacking cool.
Who can resist the flinty crispness of baked pecans, suspended in a maple-goo inside short, buttery pastry?
Its rich, buttery nose also has hints of lemon and lime, with a rounded fruit quality and a long, rich finish.
Is it wrong that i want him to die in a car crash in which his buttery hands slip from the wheel?
His version is a light assembly of intensely sweet, sun-blush tomatoes, chalky goat's cheese and fabulous olives, just suspended in short, buttery pastry of admirable crumbliness.
Our friend Pierre writes in that for those of our readers in Oxford, you can pop over to the St Antony's College buttery , which will be open for the duration.
Rich and buttery without being heavy, this fresh-tasting dish is good any time of year.
We would stagger down from the Rue Oberkampf and collapse on the lawns of the Place des Vosges, letting the buttery pastry melt into our veins.
I make little tarts with a nice buttery pastry whipped up in the food processor.
Creamy Brie, buttery croissants, indulgent pastries are just part of the French paradox.