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butterfly / бабочка, мотылек, баттерфляй
имя существительное
butterfly, moth
butterfly, butterfly stroke
имя существительное
an insect with two pairs of large wings that are covered with tiny scales, usually brightly colored, and typically held erect when at rest. Butterflies fly by day, have clubbed or dilated antennae, and usually feed on nectar.
The Peaks are also a stronghold for the striking green hairstreak butterfly and the emperor moth, which feeds on heather.
split (a piece of meat) almost in two and spread it out flat.
butterflied shrimp
Her entries range from those of a social butterfly , flitting from one society event to another, to horrific accounts of the bombing of Berlin and Vienna.
Even though I was a social butterfly for the most part, any time I didn't have anything to do, I would drink.
This recipe will make a Victoria sandwich or alternatively will make approximately 18 butterfly cakes.
Is it because the shop was out of butterfly clips?
The box stated that it made 16 butterfly cakes, which are basically plain fairy cakes, with the top sliced off, filled with icing and then the top of the cake is halved and put back on to look like wings.
Her long, straight blond hair was piled messily on top of her head and twinkled with sparkly butterfly clips and hairpins.
She then backed up to win a bronze medal behind the USA's Thompson in the 50m butterfly in a time of 26.53.
If you are a quiet mouse you can never become a social butterfly .
As I've already said, I'm not exactly a social butterfly .
In result, she's the social butterfly of our little triangle.