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butterfingers / растяпа
имя существительное
bungler, wally, butterfingers
имя существительное
a clumsy person, especially one who fails to hold a catch.
The result: timeless songs full of jangling guitars and giggling vocals and lyrics about being a lovesick butterfingers in a world of emotional icebergs.
Flatley's butterfingers will only lower his stocks further at the Troppo clubhouse.
And as for the fielding department, he has no butterfingers .
But the really annoying people said things like ‘hey, I heard what happened, butterfingers .’
Glasgow's first try had come even before Murray had left the field when flanker Stevie Swindall took advantage of some butterfingers to grab an early touchdown.
Saracens' experience and speed was too much for them and it was a case of butterfingers at critical moments which restricted the score to just two tries each half.
Newton, much closer in spirit and physique to Hepburn, is funny and lovely throughout, but this is a two-hander and butterfingers Wahlberg isn't there to catch what she so ably throws his way.
Dundee's wobbles were best exemplified by Langfield, who found himself afflicted by an acute attack of butterfingers .
Unfortunately I'm a butterfingers and grabbed the door latch when I got a hold and the door swung open, with me on it.
Hold your horses, butterfingers , I'll be there in a minute!
fumbling for the ball with butterfingers