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butt / задница, торец, приклад
имя существительное
ass, bum, butt, asshole, backside, arsehole
end, butt, face, wood block
butt, butt of the rifle, finding, club
ударять головой
come on, butt
имя существительное
a push or blow, typically given with the head.
he would follow up with a butt from his head
the person or thing at which criticism or humor, typically unkind, is directed.
his singing is the butt of dozens of jokes
the thicker end, especially of a tool or a weapon.
a rifle butt
the stub of a cigar or a cigarette.
the ashtray was crammed with cigarette butts
the buttocks or anus.
Sitting on our butts watching television can be dangerous.
(of a person or animal) hit (someone or something) with the head or horns.
she butted him in the chest with her head
adjoin or meet end to end.
the church butted up against the row of houses
They are marked with a "C" and a balance, and were sold at $120 a butt of 110 imperial gallons.
Use a butt marker to score the hinge location on the door and jamb.
A smoker caught red-handed throwing a butt on the ground would also be fined, he said.
N is also for Neville, Harry's cowardly, bumbling but well-meaning friend and the butt of most of Malfoy's bullying, although he wins out in the end.
Pick the tree up and tap the butt on the ground a few times, notice how many needles fall off the tree.
As Ramon Vega and Chris Sutton have illustrated, being out of sorts in England and the butt of abuse from fans is no barrier to succeeding in Scotland.
Why a butt of wine should be a cask of wine of 570 litres whereas a butt of beer is a keg of eighty litres less is questionable.
When imperial measure was introduced in 1825, the gallon and thus the butt were redefined.
In direct fire, the manual suggests positioning the butt under the armpit rather than on the shoulder.
Don't allow text to butt up against graphic elements on your site or photographs, etc.