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butchery / бойня, скотобойня, резня
имя существительное
massacre, slaughterhouse, butchery, shambles, bloodbath, holocaust
slaughterhouse, butchery, abattoir, stockyard
massacre, slaughter, carnage, butchery, bloodbath, holocaust
мясная лавка
butcher shop, butchery
торговля мясом
имя существительное
the savage killing of large numbers of people.
I just hope this weekend's display of savage butchery and inter-communal violence wasn't staged for their benefit.
Unlike the larger supermarket chains, the discounters would be unlikely to have any testing procedures for the meat sold by their butchery department, decreasing the likelihood of detection.
They treat us with barbarism and butchery , and they get blessed.
At Gough's Cave, the human bones interpreted as cannibalised appear among an assemblage of hunted wild fauna, and display a pattern consistent with butchery for meat, including the removal of tongues.
The revamp focused on areas of excellence such as the butchery department, fresh meat and fish department, the fruit and vegetable area as well as the deli food counter.
As we do our grisly march through slavery, genocide, and butchery for profit my students often ask, does anyone learn from history?
Murder and mayhem isn't just limited to bare-handed butchery , oh no.
By rewriting internecine butchery as ‘reassuring fratricide,’ Shakespeare engages in a politics of collective forgetting that complicates official memory.
the rebellions ended in butchery and defeat
The meat was supplied by her husband's Haverfordwest butchery business, while the fruit and vegetables came from Redbridge at Fishguard.
There is a graphic description, for instance, of the killings in Rwanda and of the butchery of 3,000 Tutsis seeking sanctuary in a church.