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busy / занятой, занятый, оживленный
имя прилагательное
busy, occupied, engaged, concerned, intent, deep
lively, busy, animated, brisk, vivacious, active
do, engage, engage in, be engaged in, practice, busy
occupy, take, hold, borrow, engage, busy
занимать работой
имя прилагательное
having a great deal to do.
he had been too busy to enjoy himself
keep occupied.
she busied herself with her new home
However, when her line was busy I tended to dash onto the internet hoping to find her there.
the line is busy
I pick up the phone and dial his number to tell him, but his line is busy .
In the shop, we found a fluffy, long skirt with a busy paisley pattern on it.
This ensures busy travellers can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee while finishing an urgent report or even catching up on their e-mails.
When the phone is eventually answered, I'm politely told that, because they're so busy , they can't deal with any queries.
he's busy at his work today
The Photoshop keyboard is a bit busy , but all the major Photoshop functionality is available.
I tried phoning the house a couple of times, but the line was busy , Billy's sister was probably using it.
Tal made his way into the town, admiring the plain folk who were too busy enjoying their simple lives to notice them.