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bust / бюст, банкротство, женская грудь
имя существительное
bust, bubs
bankruptcy, failure, insolvency, smash, bust, crash
женская грудь
go bankrupt, fail, bust, go, go into liquidation, smash
bust, degrade, disgrace, relegate, break, lower
имя прилагательное
bust, bung, flat-broke
broken, fractured, bust, on the fritz
имя существительное
a woman's chest as measured around her breasts.
a 36-inch bust
a sculpture of a person's head, shoulders, and chest.
Now the sculptor who made the bust is working on a statue of Nelson Mandela based on that visit to Bedford.
a period of economic difficulty or depression.
the boom was followed by the present bust
a raid or arrest by the police.
a drug bust
a worthless thing.
as a show it was a bust
break, split, or burst (something).
they bust the tunnel wide open
raid or search (premises where illegal activity is suspected).
their house got busted
имя прилагательное
firms will go bust
‘She's around here somewhere,’ he replied, looking over to a horribly dressed girl with a big bust .
It's only common sense to pay off our debts before the next big bust .
Gabe sat up rigidly and attempted to help Sara through a frame that was about two sizes too small for someone with as impressive of a bust as her.
I wasn't a fitness model, and I didn't have a big bust .
As a result, if you cross the line too much, your game can bust your company.
But then again how many businesses are going bust right now because they can't get the right people because they can't face the commute?
We may be dismayed that a 15-year-old feels her sense of worth rests on the size of her bust , but haven't 15-year-old girls always felt like this?
Of course, he forgot one: the Valerie Plame investigation looks set to bust open fairly soon and may take the Vice President's office down with it.
But as some economists have pointed out: the longer the boom, the bigger the bust .
And she measured me - bust , waist, hips, inseam.