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busk / бороздить, торопиться, одеваться
furrow, plow, busk, seam, plough
rush, hurry, hasten, hurry up, haste, busk
dress, clothe oneself, busk
имя существительное
планшетка в корсете
play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways.
the group began by busking on Philadelphia sidewalks
имя существительное
a stay or stiffening strip for a corset.
These busks are flexible and create a smooth curved front to the corset whilst providing very firm structure and closure.
A corset busk consists of two long pieces of steel, one with steel knobs and the other one steel loops/eyes.
It is performed by individual buskers and massed bands.
Friction between York's buskers and retailers is nothing new.
Usually this involves zooming my way through a city train station tunnel - the kind almost guaranteed to be inhabited by buskers .
Wherever you go in Buenos Aires, you will see the tango being performed for your benefit - in nightclubs, during dinner or by buskers in the street.
At least since Roman times, Steve insists, buskers , story-tellers and musicians have been on the city's streets.
For a fee, buskers could perform personalised songs for every occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to marriage proposals.
There was the coin throwing, maybe meant as a donation to my busking I think.
Apparently he busked on Grafton Street with his African hand-drum!
There was a South American band busking , the type with the pan pipes, flutes and drums.