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businesslike / деловой, деловитый, практичный
имя прилагательное
business, businesslike, managing, biz, no-nonsense
practical, pragmatic, usable, shrewd, businesslike, canny
имя прилагательное
(of a person) carrying out tasks efficiently without wasting time or being distracted by personal or other concerns; systematic and practical.
his brisk, businesslike tone
Directors are taking a more businesslike approach to everything they do.
She seemed very efficient, and wore short but businesslike skirts and collared blue shirts.
We should be taking a more businesslike approach and saying that we need this amount of roading in this time frame, and we will have to borrow on this basis and pay it back from revenue earned.
Stay on the cutting edge of change but maintain a businesslike approach.
Hammond has scoured the world looking for on-the-ground examples of his businesslike approach to social change.
He has become more businesslike in his approach.
‘That's good to hear,’ she said, her voice suddenly becoming more serious and businesslike .
We have seen a change over the last probably 10 or so years to a certainly more businesslike approach to pastoral enterprises.
Although the navy blue suit no longer rules the business fashion world, businesslike clothing is making a comeback.
The blocky, black, businesslike appearance of the stock pistol has been replaced by a two-tone visage that testifies unambiguously to extensive alteration.