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busily / деловито, навязчиво, назойливо
importunately, tiresome, busily
in a very active way.
he was busily engaged in other activities
We begin this week on Outcast Island, where Dylan is busily spearing fish.
The transition year students are currently busily working away on the show with the full support of their teachers.
They sat quietly, busily observing the happenings in the hall.
Members are now busily preparing for the Annual Exhibition, which will be held this year from July 23rd to August 14th at An Leabharlann.
Seated in front of what had been the bar, Morgan was busily keying in on the computer.
The Russian Central Bank has been busily buying dollars, which keeps the ruble artificially low.
The traditional summer holiday season finds many companies busily marketing a wide variety of products to consumers with money to spend.
he was busily engaged in other activities
A small army of workmen were busily engaged yesterday, in putting on the finishing touches of the embellishments.
Police, busily performing their cursory searches of every person, will therefore probably miss John's explosives.