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bushy / пушистый, густой, лохматый
имя прилагательное
fluffy, fuzzy, furry, downy, cottony, bushy
thick, dense, bushy, heavy, rich, deep
shaggy, rough, bushy, shag, chunky, mope-headed
имя прилагательное
growing thickly into or so as to resemble a bush.
a dense, bushy plant
covered with bush or bushes.
bushy desert areas
Full sun encourages a full, bushy plant and the best blooms.
He wore an ill-fitting gray suit, and had long, bushy sideburns that grew into his mustache.
It grows upright and bushy on strong stems with dense, long-lasting foliage.
During the voyage most of the prisoners had grown quite bushy beards.
Plants are bushy , so space seedlings at least a foot apart.
The Mt Keira tram way line passed directly through this bushy area.
These are bushy , vigorous plants with deciduous leaves of deep green.
It's a bushy plant that has very disease-resistant dark green foliage.
It consisted of three large bushy plants and half a dozen smaller individuals.
If the plant is too bushy , the inner leaves do not get sun and air circulation, making it an easy target for plant disease.