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bushwhack / расчищать заросли, пробивать тропу в зарослях, скрываться в чаще
расчищать заросли
пробивать тропу в зарослях
скрываться в чаще
live or travel in wild or uncultivated country.
I have not seen a bear yet after seven days of bushwhacking
fight as a guerrilla in the bush.
To be sure, one can use official sources to identify uniformed Confederates who turned to bushwhacking after being caught behind enemy lines.
I finally convinced him to let Steve and me paddle through easier water to the near shore, so I could bushwhack through the forest looking for a better portage.
When that time arrives, you become the one to bushwhack him.
One thing I've learned is that if there's no path through the forest, you have to bushwhack .
I park and bushwhack through desert cutlery for a mile.
‘The grave robbers used to bushwhack in and cart out the artifacts on their backs,’ Hansen says.
She continued till the path curved, where she did not follow it, and instead began to bushwhack through the small poplar trees and briar undergrowth of the Island thicket.
One trick is to bushwhack whenever possible.
It's just like hiking in a thicket - it requires too much energy to bushwhack , so you follow a deer trail.
To reach this point Meyer requires his reader to endure too much bushwhacking .
I've been bushwhacked with a bunch of stuff that's keeping me away from the keyboard!