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bushman / бушмен, деревенщина, житель сельской местности
имя существительное
redneck, lout, bushman, hick, hillbilly, yokel
житель сельской местности
имя существительное
a member of any of several aboriginal peoples of southern Africa, especially of the Kalahari Desert. They are traditionally nomadic hunter-gatherers.
The area is believed to have been inhabited originally by ethnic groups using a click-tongue language similar to that of Southern Africa's Bushmen .
the language of the Bushmen.
These people all came from the Burgersdorp and Colesberg regions and variations of one similar-sounding ' Bushman ' language.
a person who lives, works, or travels in the Australian bush.
The last Australian bushman still patrolling the country's famous rabbit proof fence on horseback is about to hang up his spurs.