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bushel / бушель
имя существительное
repair, fix, mend, darn, bodge, bushel
чинить мужское платье
имя существительное
a measure of capacity equal to 64 US pints (equivalent to 35.2 liters), used for dry goods.
Agronomist Roger Elmore, Ph.D., and his colleagues calculated those losses equal to about 3 bushels per acre.
a measure of capacity equal to 8 imperial gallons (equivalent to 36.4 liters), used for dry goods and liquids.
a container with the capacity of a bushel.
packing oysters into bushel baskets
Without mentors, we make mistakes by the bushel , and often make ourselves miserable.
As for principled urbanist opinions about waterfront development, Lopate has a bushel of them.
Some years, this is so common that collectors easily fill bushel baskets with them in minutes.
Then the apples were packaged into bushel baskets which Marc made.
Haystacks, scarecrows, pumpkins, in all shapes and sizes, bushel baskets of gourds, apples, Indian apples, and squashes.
I can only bet my bushel of apples, and throw in myself and the old woman, but I think that'll be more than full measure.
High speed batch or continuous flow dryers have the highest bushel capacity per hour of any of the systems mentioned in this article.
Other high calcium foods include almonds, oysters, and leafy greens - but you'd have to eat a bushel of greens to equal one 500 mg mineral tablet.
In a bushel full of sins, which one is the most accusing?
For example, to teach inductively, Bergstrom and Miller suggest that you send students to a market with the willing capacity to pay $25 for a bushel of apples.